About Us

Tunpack Machinery are specialized in the sales, installation and maintenance of wide range of machines and equipments we are specifically devoted to printing and packaging industry for years.
Founded in 2008, located in germany as a major wholesaler of printing equipment, the company face for years among the leading providers in the industrial printing industry. We bring together all printing and packaging services : maintenance, transportation and installation of equipment throughout the world.


Tunpack Machinery sales team affords you that confidence. When it comes to getting the most value for you equipment, you don’t want to have to second-guess your sales partner. You want an ally you know you can count on us.
For years, we’ve been building a rock-solid reputation for reliability, professionalism and expertise. Those are the cornerstones we built on and every member of our sales team contributes to that continuing tradition with a promise of unparalleled service to you. You can count on their knowledge of the process equipment industry to ensure the equipment you are buying is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs